Galleries November 10, 2015

Hilarious Old Advertisements

None of these are fake. Amazing what companies could get away with in advertising long ago. Doctors promoting cigarettes. Beer companies promoting drinking for pregnant women. Unbelievable.

cocaine, advertisement, coke

Tooth Hurt? How About some cocaine

work, hard, wife, clean

Hard Working Wife

massager, vibrator, gum

Gum Massager My Ass

camel, cigarette, ad

Doctor’s Cant Be Wrong

baby, alcohol, advertisement

Drink Alcohol For The Baby

kitchen, advertisement, kenwood

Kenwood Old Advertisement

chubby, dress, fat, advertisement

Chubby Women Ad

gal, girls, women, advertisement

Gals Are Useful After All

germ, advertisement, ad


fat, skinny, dating, date

Get Fat Advertisement

gay, advertisement, ad

Go Gay

Shlitz beer, advertisement

Old Shlitz Beer Advertisement

appliance, cry, ad

Buy An Appliance Advertisement

spousal, abuse, ad

Spousal Abuse Ad

cola, pop, advertisement

Start Drinking Pop Soon

woman, advertisement

Even A Woman Can Do It

plastic bag, baby, advertisement, ad

Because Plastic Bags Are Safe

blow, smoke, face, advertisement

Blow In Her Face

advertisement, vaccum, cleaner, old

Buy Her A Vaccum



american, airline, advertisement

American Airline Advertisement

lucky, strike, old advertisement

Lucky Strike

ad, midol, old

Midol Old Advertisement

lucky, strike, advertisement

Lucky Strike II


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